Two Buckets per Lane, Top Weigh Bucket & Bottom Memory Bucket allows for 20
Combination Source Buckets.
 4.6 ft.3 Top Load “Open” Hopper reduces product bridging/compression.
 “Clean Out” Mode to collect residual material left in system.
 Linux OS used for 70 ms combination calculation
 Allen Bradley PLC Controls with Windows Touchscreen (other brands available for quote).
 All electronics, sensors, logic components and programming for Turnkey System.
 High Resolution Load Cells with custom Analog to Digital Cards.
 Some Quick Disconnect Parts for ease of cleaning
 Dip Funnel System as needed for integrated peripheral no filling component, such as Auto-Poucher, Indexer, etc.
 Plunger for Positive Deposit into container (option, quoted below).
 All 304 SS or P.E.T. Contact Surfaces.
 All equipment modified or engineered to meet your specific requirements.
 100% USA designed and manufactured parts.
 Proprietary Hopper/Feeder design eliminates flow control variables.
 Weigh Mode retained with each program-from grams to ounces to pounds
 No scheduled maintenance required; 24 Hr. Service turnaround.
 One Year parts warranty (except load cells).
 Windows Based Touch screen with remote access.
 RS232 Output, standard ASCII and generic Report Formatting Software.

* 10.4” Full Color Touch Screen Interface     • CCTV Camera Equipped

   • View Flower Level in Feeder Unit from RCU Screen

* Up to 99 Programs

* Load Cell Infeed Detection

* Stepper Motor Hopper Technology

* Super small footprint and product drop heights

* Includes scale controlled vibratory feed system with hopper

   • Vibratory Feed System Equipped with Kief / fine Screen

   • Fines are guided with removable funnel 


* Flat Stainless Steel Sheet Metal

* 14 Head Unit

   • 14 Feed Buckets

   • 14 Weigh Buckets

* Toolless Removal of all major

 parts for cleaning

* FULLY Enclosed unit W/ Lexan Doors

   • Ensures no interference from wind

* All Sheet Metal Laser Etched W/ Number

* Small 0.1L Liter Hoppers (100ML)

* Load Cell accuracy to 0.01g


* Weight Accuracy from 0.01g-0.02g

* Single Dispersion Table

* Single Discharge Chute 

Package 1-200g for Versatility


Check Weigh System with Holding Bin (0.01g resolution/throughput aprox. 20 CPM per checking
system, two or more may be required depending on application specifications) and custom
oscillation dampener load cell verifies Combined Weight Output is within customer selected
parameters of recalled Target Weight. Allows for final inspection of weight just prior to deposit into
container. Mitigates unnecessary product loss. Ideal for Cannabis with significant shake or high oil
content that may adhere to contact surfaces or between weighing and filling equipment. All out of
tolerance weights are rejected into Holding Bin. (This will increase overall system height by ≥ 16”)

Mini Weigher

Micro420 and poucher


 Easily integrated with downstream automation to package into different containers

The Micro420 is a recreational market master.  With the ability to sort out buds that are too big or too small for weighment, this allows you to package down to 1g with great accuracy and speed without an abundance of presorting.  Package into both pouches and bottles without having to unhook equipment in minutes.   

Disclaimer*Maximum scale processing speed, under ideal conditions; actual performance/throughput varies based on peripheral equipment, product, environment, operator abilities, selected resolutions and accuracies as well as weight variables such as tolerances.

Rotary Poucher

Phone ​360-352-8161

​​​​​​Cannabis Automation and Packaging

We give you more choices in packaging flower with 3 different scale platforms to start with.  Each system is customizable to meet your needs and downstream automation can be added.   

Cannabis bottling line w/ capping, induction sealing and labeling


​​​​​​​​​Flower Packaging Scales


Addition check weigh systems can be added to increase speed or add flexibility to a system. 

​​​​​​  We have developed a new combination scale for the cannabis industry.  It is late to the game, but the wait was worth it.  Our engineers took the best from each system and their years of experience to make this Mini Weigher.  It has the best combination of speed, accuracy, size,  warranty and price available on the market.  Contact us for live demos.   







Allen Bradley PLC controlled “Specialty” 20 head Combination Scale equipped with 0.8 L weigh buckets, customized programming designed specifically for high precision applications for fragile particulates includes Reject to ensure combinations. (Capable of “Split Delivery” function, upgrade to “Blending” avail. for quote

Resolution .01g to improve container accuracy
Weight range 1g-200g
Accuracy +-..03
Max Speed  up to 40cpm  
Air  none
Power  115 V AC +- 10%  20A @60hrz
  All Controls, Software, Logic and all electronics developed and built in the USA
•  System engineered, assembled, programmed, etc. in the USA (Scale Mechanics only import)
•  Allen Bradley PLC 
•  Standard 7” color touchscreen for easy program recall 
•  All 304 SS Contact Surfaces
•  Dedicated Servo Motors & Load Cells per lane
•  IP65/CE Approval •  Multiple language options
•  Straight forward calibration process, manual testing 
•  Over 35 programmable variables for system precision
•  2,000 records pages track pertinent data and stats 
•  Ethernet, remote access capable (request for quote) 
•  All interactive variables stored at program memory location
•  Supervisor Codes protect against inadvertent alteration
•  24-36 HR Average Service Turn Around
•  Unlimited peripheral inputs/outputs
•  Selectable Zero/No Zero
 Modular design for future upgrades/expansions
•  Programmable “Accept” Range
•  Unlimited Memory Locations for all variable info  
•  Run/Status Indicators 
•  One year parts warranty (except load cells/servos)