​​Plastic and Glass Containers

Vape Filling

We can package anything from gummies to chocolate bars.  Horizontal flow wrappers, VFFS machines and high speed liquid filling lines built custom. Because every state or country has different regulation we ask that you call us for a consultation. 

 Cannabis Automation and Packaging         

Additional equipment for streamlining your operation.  Pouchers, VFS, Turn Tables, Conveyance,  Pouch Sealing, Ect. 

Print and Apply Labeling

​Phone  360-352-8161

Our Micro series of  cannabis flower packaging machines are the most accurate in the industry. Package a bag/bottle of cannabis buds with an accuracy of up to +- 0.02g.  Custom built to the production speeds you need to run your business.

Here are our machine more suited for those just entering the wold of automation.  Automatic Neck Banding, Sleeving Machines,  I Bar sealers, L Bar sealers, Electric Heat and Steam tunnels, Lidding Machines, Ect.

​​Downstream Automation Equipment Pouches/Fims

Additional Equipment for streamlining your operation.  Indexing, Capper Machines, Banding Sealers, Induction Sealing, Turn Tables, Ect.

Flower Packaging

Under construction.  We will be adding more as we go.  Call for details and check back regularly.

Edible Packaging

​​​​​​We're bringing automation to the cannabis industry in more ways than ever.  If it's buds, edibles, liquid, powder, solids, or vape, we can package it.  Contact us or find the information below on our custom cannabis product packaging machines and packaging products.

Custom made multi layer pouches and films made to your specs.  Rotogravure, flexo and digital printing available.  Small and large run.

Custom child resistant pouches now available.

Both stock and custom containers available.  PETE, HDPE and glass containers dropped shipped direct from the factory.  Child resistant caps available.

Downstream Automation

Equipment Containers/Jars

Call for information +1.3603528161

 Email chrishelm@cannabisautomationandpackaging.com

Packaging Solutions

for Startups

Custom Pouches and Films

Apply pre-printed labels or print on the fly labels faster than ever.  Apply Seed to Sale (Track & Trace California) in an semi-automated or automated fashion. Custom labelers for pouches, jars, boxes, clamchells, ect.

Disclaimer*Maximum scale processing speed, under ideal conditions; actual performance/throughput varies based on peripheral equipment, product, environment, operator abilities, selected resolutions and accuracies as well as weight variables such as tolerances. 

We use Ivek ceramic positive displacement pump heads and controllers for the most accurate vape filling machine available.  Custom built around your cartridges and volume needs.  Available in an XYZ single pump system up to pharmaceutical  levels of output.